PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a cutting-edge medical procedure utilized to treat a broad array of musculoskeletal conditions. Essentially, PRP is a concentration of blood plasma containing up to eight times the usual number of platelets. The technique amplifies the body’s inherent healing capabilities, thus reducing recovery periods from soft tissue and joint injuries.

A large number of professional athletes have used PRP to help with things like hurt knees and sore tendons. Even though PRP is pretty new in sports health, lots of people are starting to use it. Dr. Meyers has been working with PRP since 2007 and is one of the first to do it.

Understanding PRP

Blood’s clear component is plasma, which transports blood cells like platelets, red and white blood cells. Platelets play a critical role in clotting, acting as first responders to injuries, internal or external. Apart from clotting, platelets release growth factors aiding in healing. PRP, being a platelet concentration, emits these growth factors in large amounts, inducing an intensified healing reaction.

Why Opt for PRP?

Injury triggers a need for blood flow, transporting essential cells and nutrients for repair. However, certain body areas with minimal blood flow struggle to heal. Tendons and cartilage, such as the meniscus, are prime examples. PRP offers a solution by injecting platelets, packed with growth factors, to propel healing.

PRP's Mechanism

The core aim of PRP injections is either to instigate healing or expedite it. Platelets dispense numerous bioactive proteins and growth factors propelling tissue regeneration. These factors call upon various cells essential for tissue repair, thus promoting regenerative processes like the formation of new blood vessels.

Qualifying for PRP Therapy

PRP could be the solution for conditions like osteoarthritis, tendonitis, muscle injuries, meniscus and labrum injuries, ligament issues, and plantar fasciitis. It’s suitable for those unresponsive to conventional treatments but also chosen by some to hasten healing. However, if you’re undergoing cancer treatment, have an active infection, are on high-dose Coumadin, or have multiple medical conditions, PRP might not be for you.

PRP Procedure Details

Administered as an outpatient service, it’s recommended to steer clear of anti-inflammatory or steroid medications a week before the treatment. Two blood tablespoons are drawn and centrifuged to separate its components, extracting the platelet-rich layer for injection. 

The entire procedure, done under local anesthesia, generally wraps up within an hour, with ultrasound imaging ensuring precision. While most benefit from a single injection, some might need two or three sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

Prp process graphic

Post-Procedure Expectations

Post-injection, joints usually exhibit negligible pain. However, tendons can be moderately painful for a few days, potentially requiring painkillers and immobilization. At-home care includes icing, elevation, activity limitation, and avoidance of NSAIDs. PRP’s effects are gradual, often requiring 10-12 weeks for full benefits, accompanied by physical therapy for optimized results.

Is PRP Safe?

Studies vouch for PRP’s safety, being derived from the patient’s blood, eliminating rejection or disease transfer risks. The minor risks include rare infections, but PRP sidesteps potential side effects associated with steroids or NSAIDs.

PRP's Efficacy

Research points to an 80-85% improvement rate for various soft tissue injuries. Dr. Meyers quotes over a 90% success rate with issues like chronic tennis elbow, with PRP outperforming steroids and viscosupplements for arthritis.

Insurance and PRP

Insurance does not cover PRP due to its “experimental” label.

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